Andrej Gubina 
Prof. Gubina is a long time industry driven researcher and between 2002 and 2005 he also headed the Risk Management Department at Holding Slovenske elektrarne, the biggest manufacturer and trader in electric energy in the wholesale market of Slovenia. Since March 2007 he is a head of the Laboratory for Energy Policy at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Since August 2008 he is a Research Lecturer at the Electricity Research Centre of University College Dublin, in Ireland. His field of research encompasses Power System Economics and Deregulation, Production Planning under Open Electricity Market Conditions, Risk Management and Asset Management in EPS, Load Forecasting, Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency of Demand and Renewable Energy Sources with the primary interest in the sales and trading of electricity and Energy Policy Design.

He was a coordinator of the VBPC-RES project (FP6) and WP leader in RISE project (FP6), as well as a partner in four FP7 projects, CEUBIOM, REALISEGRID, APRAISE and INCREASE. LEST has also participated in several national studies on long term energy supply balance, national RES-E targets, and demand side management impact on transmission system level. LEST is currently also a partner in H2020 projects STORY (LCE-8) and BioEnergyTrain (LCE-2014-2).
In CONSEED, Prof. Gubina is the WP Leader of WP2 and actively participates in all other WPs.

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Leader of
Work Package 2 - Focus Groups