Work Package 8

Management and Coordination

Lead Beneficiary: TCD
Work Package Leader: Eleanor Denny

Overall leadership will be provided by TCD. This role will include the coordination of the project and monitoring of the progress of the work-packages to ensure that the project meets its deadlines and delivers the anticipated results. The process will include both formal and informal meetings and discussions with all other partners. 

The specific objectives of WP8 are:

- To lead the project management and coordination activities of the project including: meetings, communications and knowledge sharing, quality assurance, and risk management.

- Lead the creation of periodic monitoring reports, interim progress report and Final Reports (with material from all partners). 

- Facilitate the meetings of the two project Advisory Boards (Scientific and Policy).

- The Coordinator will contribute, upon invitation by the EASME, to common information and dissemination activities to increase synergies between, and the visibility of H2020 supported actions. 

There are clear dependencies between the work- packages and delays in one work-package can have significant impacts on others. A long-term perspective, seeking to maximise impact and project value, will be applied at all times.